Mark Jefferies - with Tom Cassells both multiple time British champions with Chris Burkett, Steve Carver and Michael Pickin form the Global Stars aerobatic team - formation and solo air displays.

The Global Stars team offer either two, three or four aircraft formation air displays or solo  displays . Mark Jefferies is brand ambassador for  ABARTH  AirDisplays in 2015 along with  DOGCAMSPORT who are providing support with camera equipment to record the flying displays and air shows that Mark and Tom do around the World.  Mark flying as leader of the Global Stars team the next major stop is  Avalon, Australia (February 2015) Langkawi Malaysia (March 2015),  Ahmadabad, India (March 2015) and Xingyi, China (May 2015) with sb:mktg helping make it happen. Tom Cassells and Mark Jefferies formation team and synchronized aerobatics .

Mark is flying the new Extra 330SC (photos) Mark will put on a stunning air display.  Mark Jefferies AirDisplays - blog site 10th in the World 2009 after achieving  9 times British aerobatic champion (ADV & UNL).  Mark Jefferies has spectacular manoeuvres, tumbles, spins in the "Extra 330SC" leaving pilots saying "how did he do that?"  A  flying display your  audience will never forget. No show too large or small to attend.  Weddings, Corporate, and private parties a specialty and also its not as expensive as you might first think.

Tom flies the CAP 232 a French designed and built aircraft, for 2013 the aircraft has been fully overhauled and repainted. A very successful competition and display aircraft winning the World championships many times.

A brief note on my flying experience. I started flying in 1980 & have flown over 130 different types of aircraft from Microlites to L29, Hawker Hunter and Hawk jets.  I now have approximately 3000 hrs experience.  British aerobatic champion at all levels throughout the years, British Aerobatic team member 10 times.  Air display flying started in 1984 and now I have flown shows in numerous a/c around Europe and have flown by invitation in Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Romania, Slovenia, Germany, Holland, Turkey, Switzerland, France, Spain, South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Malta.  In 1997 I flew in the southern hemisphere Reno race, Tasmania. I hold a BCPL with Display authorization issued by the CAA giving display permission to 30 ft fly past and 50ft unlimited aerobatics in group A & B aircraft.  For the L-29 jet and YAK 3 & 11 the minimum heights are 100ft fly past and 200ft aerobatics.  Formation qualified as leader of large formations flying with the Aerostars for 4 years in number 2, 4, 6 & 7 positions, also I have flown as a stunt pilot for films and fly in the Aero-GP contests.